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Where life-sciences and logistics come together

How can your company be a leader in a dizzying, disruption-prone world where dramatic change is the new norm? How can you adapt, innovate, continuously improve, gain competitive advantage and make more money, all at the same time?  How can you secure your company's long-term future and not be the weakest link in the pharma chain? How? How? How?

The best way of staying ahead of the pack is to position your organisation in a trusting commercial environment; an integrated one which rewards quality, rewards innovation, rewards transparency and rewards loyalty.

Tighter supply chain integration is a topic that is high on the agenda of those pharma companies that are seeking to improve efficiency, reduce costs and maintain quality through a more transparent and inclusive approach to their relationships with logistics suppliers. The various upstream and downstream players in the pharma-logistics chain similarly see major advantages in working more closely with pharma manufacturers. Win-win outcomes are certainly possible but they require commitment, cultural change and a lot of effort on both sides.

Other industries when facing similar challenges in the past have taken a long, hard, look at their ways of doing business, sometimes from positions of considerable financial distress. Invariably, one of the key outcomes of such mass corporate introspection has been the emergence of cleaner, leaner, more inclusive supply configurations based around win-win relationships. There are a number of classic cases of this but there is nothing so peculiar about pharma-logistics that it cannot pursue a similar agenda. And with many other industries now a long way along the integration path, the good news for pharma is that all the risky, pain-staking, time-consuming trail-breaking has already been done. For some examples of integrated working from other sectors click here.


TEAM-UP is being established to bring the entire end-to-end pharma-logistics supply chain up to date with respect to collaborative working by bringing the entire end-to-end spectrum around the one table to meet common goals and add value within a symbiotic environment of real collaboration, transparency and mutual trust.

Although this has never been comprehensively attempted before in the pharma space, at TEAM-UP we will be adopting and adapting the integration best-practice systems and models that have been successfully implemented in equally complex supply chain scenarios elsewhere. The barriers to success are not technological or lack of viability or absence of need. The barriers are structural, cultural and psychological. These are the gaps that the TEAM-UP programme will fill by creating a collaborative environment that is inclusive (i.e. end-to-end), democratic, fair, rewarding, rational, sustainable and workable.


One alternative is to hope that you don’t need to change or improve and that competitive pressures, market forces and disruptive innovation will pass you by. Some hope!

In days gone by one of the smartest ways to benefit from innovation was to stay in the slipstream of the industry trail-blazers and be ready to adopt when all the mistakes had been made and the experimentation completed. Nowadays things are moving way too fast for this plagiarist approach to work. Today’s winners are bold, audacious and assertive; they create and capitalise from the front. The only way to thwart disruptive external innovation is to disrupt from within.     

Why you should TEAM-UP

Shared goals and mutual trust lie at the core of the TEAM-UP philosophy

Reading these pages will help you understand why integrated working is a 'Good Thing'. But how can you get involved? What can you do to make it happen?

The main thing to realise is that you have to work at it. Like everything else you can watch it happen and miss out or you can make it happen and reap the benefits. To partner effectively you have to find the right partners, you must work together with these partners in a spirit of mutual trust and you must all pursue the same end-goals. None of this is easy which is why TEAM-UP has been established in order to provide pharma shippers and logistics providers with the necessary support, learning, encouragement and team spirit to make it possible.

Why you should TEAM-UP