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Where life-sciences and logistics come together

One of the great attractions of equitable or ‘real’ supply chain integration, is that there are no losers! It is an appreciation of these "win - win" benefits that will lead to a readiness to collaborate.

It is entirely feasible for the entire value chain to commercially benefit from partnering while simultaneously delivering better value and service to the client.


  1. Recognition that your company is 'flagship practitioner' that is actively committed to partnering, professional in your approach and part of a collaborative best-practice body.
  2. Direct access to a pool of client organisations that subscribe to the principles of collaborative best practice and wish to engage with like-minded suppliers.
  3. Being part of an initiative that is actively and continuously  promoting the benefits of improved supply chain integration to shippers and 3PLs. This includes having long-term relationships with exemplary (i.e. TEAM-UP) suppliers.
  4. An excellent market differentiatior for your company  which will be particularly advantageous at the pre-qualification stage of long-term supplier selection.
  5. Facilitated communication flow and information exchange between suppliers and shippers and other supply chain stakeholders.
  6. Opportunities to be involved at an earlier stage of  the logistics-solution development cycle. There is much value from a technical and experience standpoint locked up in the pharma-logistics supply chain.
  7. The opportunity to be part of a movement that aims to shift the sector's reliance on out-of-date 'bid-buy' transactional relationships to ones predicated around 'best-value' solutions.
  8. The prospect of enjoying greater business certainty and continuity through longer-term strategic partnerships with shippers and other clients.
  9. Admission to a community of other 'best-of-breed' suppliers and shippers where you have the opportunity to meet and directly interact with others in the supply chain that share the same commitment to promoting the rest of the supply chain.
  10. Access to a exclusive collaboration tools and resources that will enable your company to continuously improve and enhance its market prestige.

True partnering can only take place when the entire construction team is involved from the outset and works smoothly and seamlessly towards common goals. This will only happen where all partnering participants can share in the rewards of improved performance. In other words, a permanent commitment to partnering is contingent on the resultant commercial benefits accruing to all sections of the value chain. This means that in an optimally-performing supply chain the suppliers concerned will enjoy the work-flow and cash-flow that will enable them to invest in training, plant, product development and project management. This creates a virtuous circle which ensures that a supply chain can be innovative, can remain stable over time and can develop and  retain a strong competitive edge.


Cultivate relationships based on trust, transparency and mutual understanding

Gain access to exceptional partners and exceptional strategic networks

Get mentoring and support from leading collaboration experts

Network with the industry’s front runners as part of the TEAM-UP Community

Participate in progressive partnering programs and pilots

Win more satisfying business that motivates and engages your staff

Remove non-value adding waste and duplication

Improve your management of risk and enjoy more predictable outcomes

Realign your business strategy by embracing market-focused goals

Streamline activities and save cost and time

Win more, better, and longer-term business

The TEAM-UP Business Case for Suppliers