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TEAM-UP is unique

TEAM-UP’s remit is 100% one of cultivating and advancing collaboration and integration best-practice amongst pharma-logistics stakeholders. In doing this it does not compete with any other pharma-logistics supply chain initiatives, industry groups or institutions. TEAM-UP’s activities positively complement, support and reinforce the work of these parties and help them achieve their particular goals.

TEAM-UP is completely independent   

This is its guarantee that it represents the interests of ALL pharma-logistics stakeholders.

Participation in TEAM-UP is on a corporate basis and is open to all active stakeholders in the pharma-logistics sector. From multinational manufacturing players to local logistics providers, TEAM-UP is here to drive supply chain integration and help your company adapt to the realities of increasing change, risk, and interdependence. Whether you are a pharma or bio-pharma manufacturer, a product distributor, a transport provider, a transportation hub, a freight forwarder, an integrated service provider, a freight handler or a product or system supplier, TEAM-UP can help you on your journey towards a more efficient, more market-focused, more profitable future.

Who Can Participate in TEAM-UP?

Participation in the TEAM-UP program is open to all bodies corporate whose activities relate to the shipping of pharmaceutical or biotechnology products, including research-based pharmaceutical companies, generic pharmaceutical companies, biotechnology companies, providers of logistics services and the suppliers of transportation equipment, products and systems. In all cases Particpants must aspire to attain TEAM-UP Charter status.

There are just  two grades of TEAM-UP participation*.

What is TEAM-UP?

TEAM-UP is a not-for-profit pharma-logistics initiative to empower and impel pharmaceutical companies to work with their logistics providers to translate integration ideals and collaborative intent into tangible outcomes.

Modelled around proven supply chain models from other industrial sectors, TEAM-UP is a hands-on, interactive pharma-logistics community.

TEAM-UP is expressly designed to inspire the mutual understanding, common procedures and universal climate of trust that are a pre-requisite for the creation of sustainable, fully-integrated supply chains.

By creating the necessary environment, and providing the leadership needed, to make true win-win integration a practical reality, TEAM-UP contributes to improved corporate efficiencies, better overall sector performance and, ultimately, to enhanced patient/user safety.

What is involved?

All TEAM-UP Participants -

Why Should my Company Participate?


(TEAM-UP Certification being pursued)


(TEAM-UP Certified)

*It is possible for parties that are involved with pharma-logistics but not directly involved in the supply chain (i.e. are not eligible for the TEAM-UP Charter) to take part in TEAM-UP. Please enquire for details.


The TEAM-UP Common Integration Framework

The Common Integration Framework is the term used to describe the entire TEAM-UP collaborative ecosystem which essentially embraces three elements:

Download some reasons why you should be part of TEAM-UP


As a TEAM-UP participator you will be:

CONTRIBUTING -  to fostering a culture of trust and fairness throughout the pharma-logistics value-chain.

PROMOTING -  collaborative approaches to problem solving.

HELPING -  promote early participation in the shipper’s logistical process, including solution design, testing and costing.

AIDING -  in the creation of strategic supply chain partnerships that are equitable, continually improving and long-term in nature.

ASSISTING -  partners to develop and promote innovative construction solutions.

RAISING -  your company’s status by positioning it at the pinnacle of improvement.

GIVING -  your customers, and potential customers, confidence in your company’s receptiveness to change.

IMPROVING -  your profitability by increasing value and reducing waste.

PLAYING -  a significant part in contributing to the overall efficiency and competitiveness of the pharma-logistics sector.